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More stuff what happened: Part the First

New, this Sunday, the Sun on Sunday! It’s not just a clone of the News of the World with celebrity gossip, sport and birds, it’s a clone of the Sun on every other day, with celebrity gossip, sport and birds! News, from the world, in the Sun on Sunday. On Sunday! Available from all good stockists, next to the toilet paper.

I’m intrigued by this one millimetre thick synthetic meat they’ve grown in a Dutch lab; I make turkey twizzlers and I didn’t know you could get meat that substantial.

I’m pleased American road-safety officials are investigating better in-car technology. As a committed dogger I’ve long been on the lookout for some wipers for the inside of my windscreen.

Now that Sean Penn has stated that the UK should give the Falklands back to Argentina, is it not time we also gave the Isle of Wight back to the 1950s?

Just thought I’d let you know that after he went missing Read more…

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