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Gray Sky

The comments for which Sky football pundit Andy Gray has been sacked from his £1.7m job (surely some mistake?), were not only ill-advised from a sexism point of view, but also for being one of the most hackneyed football clichés ever, alongside “sick as a parrot” and “over the moon”. The offside law is only even slightly complex because the rules keep changing, and comments about women’s ability to understand them are a generation out of date.

Still, clichés are still a massive part of a football commentator’s weaponry, so here are some that you will hear in every Match of the Day, along with explanations: Read more…

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World Cup

Well, what did you expect, a football fanatic NOT to mention the impending – and soon to seem unending – FIFA World Cup 2010? Notice I haven’t called it the World Cup of Soccer as the US networks are calling it, as no competition with that name actually exists. For brevity I refer to it simply as The World Cup: The Greatest Sporting Competition The World Has Ever Seen.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if news of its arrival had not yet reached you, after all it has barely been mentioned in the media at all since the domestic season ended just a few weeks ago. Indeed, the tabloids seem to be hardly aware of it and have certainly not bothered mentioning 1966 several times a day.

People reactions to the tournament vary: I, for example, have been looking forward to it since England got knocked out of the last one hundreds of years ago back in 2006. I watched almost every game standing up carrying my then two month old son in a rucksack-type arrangement hoping he fell asleep before he fell out. On the one day he nodded off before the match started, Wayne Rooney stamped on Cristiano Ronaldo and the dreams of St. George were shattered once again. (Little known fact that I made up: when not slaying dragons St. George was a massive football fan, and it was he who borrowed the design of a white flag with a red cross from fellow supporters, rather than the other way round). Read more…